What is Communitas?





The very spirit of community; an intense community spirit, the feeling of great social equalitysolidarity, and togetherness.


Community is what we do, it’s not just about the coffee or the space, it’s

about the people and the connections that are made.

Ordinary lives working together to make something extraordinary.

12100 Coffee & Communitas was built by Rabbit Creek Church in 2014 to provide a community space in South Anchorage. That space quickly evolved into a commercial coffee house and meeting space for the coffee and tea loving community. The mission of Rabbit Creek Church is to equip people to live their everyday lives for Christ, and 12100 Coffee & Communitas helps fulfill that purpose by offering a universal space

to meet for all your everyday needs.


Profits from 12100 Coffee & Communitas go towards Rabbit Creek Church missions all over the world. Currently, Rabbit Creek Church is working closely with Cambodia to provide support for victims of human trafficking through our partnerships with Daughter’s Café and Three Corner Coffee.

To learn more about the missions of Rabbit Creek Church please go to their website at www.rabbitcreekchurch.org 



The Coffee we serve


Black Cup Coffee


Born from Alaska’s first Specialty Coffee Roaster, Café’ Del Mundo, Black Cup Coffee emphasizes farm to cup transparency, roasting to promote origin characteristics, coffee education, and delivering some of the world’s finest coffees to Alaskans. We serve Black Cup’s Boretide blend on espresso and their rotating “Coffee of the Month” on both espresso and slow bar.